5 Ways to Maintain Your Facial Rejuvenation Results

5 Ways to Maintain Your Facial Rejuvenation Results

If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and seeing an older version of yourself than you’d like, facial rejuvenation can help reverse the hands of time. Although non-surgical facial rejuvenation provides amazing results and gives you fresher, younger-looking skin, the results aren’t permanent.

The good news is there are steps you can take to maintain your results longer. Aesthetic expert Kim Nguyen, PA-C, and the team at Aesthetic Envy and Wellness in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, want to help you look and feel your best for as long as possible. 

Our team offers several innovative options for rejuvenating your appearance, including Sciton® BBL™ broadband light therapy and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) injections. We also want to help you keep your youthful appearance for as long as possible.

We’ve put together our top five tips for maintaining your facial rejuvenation results. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about keeping your youthful appearance longer! 

1. Wear sunscreen and other UV blocking protection

After your facial rejuvenation, your body produces more collagen to generate new skin cells and increase turnover. Harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays cause photoaging, or premature aging of your skin and can undo the results of your treatment. 

To maintain your results longer, wear sunscreen every day—even when it’s cloudy. Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher for the best protection. Keeping covered up with a hat and clothes if you are going to be outside for long periods gives you added protection. Some clothes and hats even come with built-in UV protection.

2. Keep skin moisturized 

Following your facial rejuvenation treatment, your Aesthetic Envy and Wellness provider applies serums, ointments, or moisturizers to help retain moisture and keep your skin protected. Continue to moisturize your skin regularly to maintain your results. 

Moisturizers trap the water naturally found in your skin, helping you maintain a more youthful appearance. If you’re not sure which moisturizer is right for you, ask Kim for help selecting the right brand and type. 

3. Stay hydrated and eat right

Staying hydrated and eating nutrient-rich foods are essential if you want to extend the results of your facial rejuvenation treatment. Keep a water bottle close and drink regularly throughout the day. You can also boost hydration by snacking on fruits and veggies with high water content, like cucumbers or watermelon.

Studies show foods rich in antioxidants, like blueberries and kale, reduce and repair cellular damage. Load up on healthy fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins (e.g., beans, legumes) to keep your skin looking fresher and younger longer. 

4. Use gentle products on your skin

Harsh cleansers, shaving creams, and makeup can take a toll on your skin and reverse the results of your facial rejuvenation faster. Look for mild cleansers and skin products to protect your skin. You can ask Kim for personalized recommendations for your skin type. 

You may also want to limit your shower time and use warm, not hot, water. Spending lots of time in the water and the heat from hot water both remove oils from your skin, which dries it out and makes the signs of aging more visible. 

5. Stick with your treatment plan

Every client at Aesthetic Envy and Wellness benefits from a customized treatment plan. In addition, following every treatment, your provider gives you post-treatment instructions. These instructions help you keep your anti-aging results longer, so follow them. 

As part of your comprehensive treatment plan, Kim may also recommend complementary treatments or having a treatment more than once to boost your rejuvenation. These may include:

For the longest-lasting results possible, complete the personalized treatment plan Kim, and the providers at Aesthetic Envy and Wellness create. Get started with facial rejuvenation by scheduling a consultation at Aesthetic Envy and Wellness in Henderson or Las Vegas, Nevada.

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